Join the fun of Duplicate Bridge at Rayburn Country

Whether you are: A novice, experienced, or want to learn,

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Bridge is the world’s greatest card game!
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Game Schedule

Open Stratified Pairs - 12:30 2nd & 4th Mondays - $4.00 at Rayburn Country Clubhouse

Ladies Social Bridge - 11:00 Wednesdays at Rayburn Country Clubhouse

Open Stratified Pairs - 12:30 Fridays - $4.00 Lake Rayburn United Methodist Church.


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Learning to play bridge can bring big health benefits. Studies have been undertaken that prove that playing bridge is good for you.

A game of bridge usually involves four players, playing in pairs. To play effectively you have to add up the points in your hand, work out the strategy for your play and concentrate on the bidding to try to work out what cards the other players have in their hands.

This concentration helps boost brain activity and fights the onset of dementia.

Increase in brain activity isn't the only benefit of playing bridge. According to the study, playing bridge also stimulates the immune system. This has obvious benefits for helping your body to fight of infections and helping you to stay healthy.

Bridge is a sociable game. Playing bridge is the perfect way for people who live on their own to make friends and have an active and fulfilling social life. full article


North American Pairs - click here for District 16 information.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will come." — Anonymous
"The best bidding system is the one you and your partner understand and use." — Zia Mahmood

Contact Information

For information call or email:

Marianna Carpenter

Peggy Newsome

Jane Wood

Richard Robertson - Club Manager


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